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March 25 2015

Top Ten Strategy Games For Mobile

Strategy games are becoming one of the most popular game genres in the world, which made me wonder - what are the top ten strategy games for mobile? In accordance with one of the most leading mobile game search engines like google, these are the most popular strategy games available on mobile devices:

1. Clash of Clans - Unequivocally the most used strategy game nowadays. Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game, released in 2012 by Supercell, in which the player builds a residential area and attacks other players to earn gold and elixir, and uses these to build defenses.

2. Empire: Four Kingdoms - Runner up to get the best ten strategy games, released next year by Goodgame Studios. In Empire: Four Kingdoms the gamers rule a kingdom, develop a castle and protect the citizens by joining mighty alliances and arming themselves for attacks against their cruel enemies.

3. Plague Inc. - Released in 2012 by Ndemic Creations, this game combines high strategy and realistic simulation, and of course belongs in the top strategy games list. In Plaugue Inc. you will need to develop a deadly, global plague and convey humanity to an end. It's you from humanity, and only the most effective will survive.

4. Guns 4 Hire - Released in 2013 by Rebellion. In Guns 4 Hire you may Command the toughest squad in the world and fight corrupt dictators and crime lords. If you like guns, you'll surely love this bullet celebration!

5. Galaxy Legend - Tap4Fun released this plan Game in 2013, and developed a beautiful setting in which you build your space base and star fleets. You need to complete hundreds of missions and lead your forces to galactic conquest.

6. Boom Beach - Published in 2013 by Supercell. The game is set in a tropical archipelago, and also the players can build their base, upgrade their defenses and unlock troop upgrades.

7. Triple Town - A technique puzzle mobile game with city-building elements, developed by Spry Fox and released next year for mobile devices. The mixture of strategy and puzzle results in a challenging and interesting gameplay, highly recommended for those of you who are trying to find innovative strategy games.

8. Samurai Vs. Zombies Defense - Defend your village from your zombie attack! Samurai Vs. Zombies Defense was launched in 2013 by Glu, and is also all about strategy - recruit allies and build defenses to protect your people up against the zombie mass.

9. Iron Desert - In Iron Desert you are the commander, leading your forces to fight against merciless enemies inside the black desert. The bingo was released in 2014 by My.Com BV, and is also indeed an addictive war game.

10. Spartan Wars - Last but not least on the top ten strategy games for mobile list. Another Tap4Fun game, released in 2014, which takes place in the ancient city of Sparta. In Spartan Wars you may lead your army to overcome the entire world and establish a powerful empire. The game combines both strategy and role play simulation and it has amazing graphics.
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